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3 Reasons to Consider Cosmetology School

The beauty industry is growing, and that means that career opportunities are expanding too!
You might be asking, “But what if I don’t want to cut hair?” The answer is really simple! Cosmetology is so much more than just cutting hair. It includes makeup and esthetics training, nail care and manicure techniques, hair removal, and more.
However, cosmetology school also features training that doesn’t have as much to do with beauty and glamour which is what makes this education so well-rounded.
Check out these not-so-popular benefits of attending cosmetology school and speak with an admissions representative today!

Short Completion Time

Most programs can be completed in about one year or so. At Broken Arrow Beauty College, students can complete the program in as little as 12 months. This means that in just a little over a year you could have a steady career in a fast growing field.

Flexible Scheduling

The other beautiful thing (one of many) about beauty school, is that you can attend part time! Though this schedule will move your graduation back a few months, it allows for you to maintain balance in your life as you transition into your new career.
Attend school without disrupting your whole routine. With this sort of flexibility, who wouldn’t want to break into the beauty industry?

Business & Entrepreneurship Training

Aside from the hands-on technical training in hair and makeup, you’ll also learn about the foundations of business, commerce, and entrepreneurship.
The base for a truly successful professional, regardless of their product or service, is the ability to brand and market themselves.
Broken Arrow Beauty College and CEC is a proud Pivot Point member school, which means that our students have unique access to comprehensive business education. Supplemental tools and e-resources are also available to our students.
There are at least a thousand reasons and counting why cosmetology is a great career to pursue, but these three in particular are a portion of what makes the beauty industry a well-rounded place to begin your legacy!
Learn more about our programs, and see if BABC or CEC can help launch your success.
To Request Free Information, you can click here, and we’ll provide even more to help you decide if Broken Arrow Beauty College and CEC is right for you!

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Derek Mcdoogle

My daughter has always been very interested in doing people’s hair for parties and events. You mentioned that aside from the hands-on technical training in hair and makeup, you’ll also learn about the foundations of business, commerce, and entrepreneurship. Do most beauty schools teach all different kinds of beauty or can the students specialize in a specific part? Applying to a reputable beauty school might be a good idea for her.

Jeff Sells

We have found that many students gravitate toward a a particular area of there training and want to expand there focus on that area. Our training does train the students to a required curriculum on many subject areas but their is room in the curriculum for the student to take additional optional advanced training in specific subjects that they desire.


Sep 01 2016