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A Cosmetologist’s Holiday Wish List

Hair stylists, colorists, and other beauty gurus everywhere are always looking for the hottest beauty tools, kits, and products. This holiday season, spoil a professional or a student with one of these great gifts!

Cute Jewelry

All black is the tell-tale dress code of salon employees everywhere. Adding some cute jewelry to an outfit can break up the gothic look! Etsy is the place to go for handmade, adorable, cosmo themed bling! Check out these gift ideas!

Bracelet by OceanPalmsJewelry
Necklace by DaintyLee22
cosmo bracelet

A Mug

Cosmos usually make a habit of drinking coffee or another hot drink to keep them going. Add a mug to their stocking this year.

Coffee Tumbler by sweetpaperiedesign
Mug by LookAtTheseCups
Lipstick Mug by MixMugs

cosmo tumbler

A T-Shirt

Even cosmetologists have their casual days. These cute tees will make them smile!

Cosmo Tee by Umbuh
Best Hairstylist Tee by OceanAndBlue
Trust Me Tee by HappyRobotTees

best hairstylist ever

An Apron

When you’re coloring hair, you want to protect your clothes. An apron is the perfect gift!

Beauty Business Apron by Jumpinjackdezings
Personalized Apron by cre8ivgifts

beauty business apron

Are you a cosmetologist? What are you wishing for this holiday? Make sure to share with us in the comments below!

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Dec 20 2016