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Smiling woman standing arms outstretched under autumn fall trees

7 Colorful Looks Inspired By Fall

We’re all about matching our style to the weather and season. In spring it’s fun to wear lovely flower prints and pastels. In summer we sport bright colors, while in winter it’s all cool blues and whites.

Fall might be our favorite time to do this sneaky trick because we get to copy those beautiful forest hues of orange, red, and yellow. Lucky for you this trend is super fun to create some stunning looks! Orange compliments blue eyes and brown, while gold compliments green and hazel eyes. Try out a few of the below trends, and see how fall can really help you glow!

  1. Vivid Orange Lips

    Nothing says fall like this vibrant orange! Not only does it draw all of the attention to your mouth instead of your eyes for once, but it shows you’re not afraid to be bold!



  2. Dark, Vampy Pout

    Not all fall colors have to be oranges and yellows. Try these blood-red lips paired with a simple, shimmery eye.


    Lauren de Graaf - Beauty at Rodarte Fall 2016, New York Fashion Week.

  3. Autumn-Inspired Eyes

    If you’re looking for something a little darker give this style a try. We like that she managed to incorporate all fall colors and even snuck in a bit of purple!

    pinterest fall smokey eye

  4. Matte Plum Nails

    We love this stray away from traditional fall nails. This deep purple combined with a short claw reminds us of a Disney villain, which you could totally dress up as for Halloween!

  5. Red Lips? Orange Lips?

    We’re not sure but we love this color! This color practically mimics those fall leaves we all love to step on. Match your eyes to your lips, but keep it subtle!

    Malaika Firth, Model

  6. Halloween Nails

    Holiday nail designs are always super fun! Make it a little classier with this gold and black design. Perfect for witches’ claws or just for fun!

  7. Peachy Eyes

    This soft orange is great to bring out those baby blues. Paired with a sharp wing and an ombre raspberry lip and you’re ready for any outing!


    smokey ombre look

Fall is such a fun time of year for fashion! Switch up your everyday makeup and nails to celebrate the bright fall colors and the cooler weather.

At Broken Arrow Beauty College we are happy to help you achieve these autumn looks, by teaching you how to do it yourself! Give our manicurist and basic cosmetology programs a look for further information!

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Aug 15 2017