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7 Reasons to Consider a Career as a Cosmetologist

Becoming a cosmetologist is more than just haircuts and skincare. There is a wide range of opportunities offered to those who pursue a career in cosmetology. As a cosmetologist, you can expect to be part of a growing industry, learn a variety of skills, create long-lasting friendships, and enjoy a flexible schedule. Cosmetology is a great career to pursue if you have a passion for beauty. Read our 7 reasons why you should consider a career as a cosmetologist.

1. The Beauty Industry is Growing

There is a high demand for cosmetologists. It is a growing industry that you don’t want to miss out on. If you are looking to manage your own business, social media is a great place to start and get your services out there to clients who may be interested. With the digital world growing as well, it makes it a lot easier to grow your business and get your name out there. You can also expect a steady income as you gain more experience and keep up with the latest trends.

2. A Flexible Schedule

If you are someone who rather not work the typical 9am-5pm hours, then you have chosen the right career! Cosmetologists are able to schedule their own hours. As a beauty professional, you have the flexibility to work part-time or full-time and even evenings or weekends. 

A lot of cosmetologists choose to be self-employed and manage their own salon or spa. Some cosmetologists even work from home. Working for yourself gives you the freedom to choose what products you want to use and what hours you rather work. 

3. Learn a Variety of Skills

As a cosmetologist, you can learn more than just hair. This career is perfect for someone who has a passion for a variety of beauty services and wants to branch out their skill set. You are expected to specialize in makeup application, skincare, nail artistry, waxing, and so much more! 

Once you learn everything you need to know in beauty school, you can choose which services you specialize in. If you are interested in a beauty school education, then be sure to enroll in a cosmetology program as quickly as possible!

7 Reasons to Consider a Career as a Cosmetologist

4. Career Opportunities

Working as a cosmetologist does not mean you only have to work for a salon or spa. Cosmetology offers a wide range of career options to choose from. Here are a few career opportunities to consider: 

  • Bridal specialist
  • Salon/Spa Owner
  • Freelancer
  • Nail Technician
  • Eyelash Specialist
  • Makeup Artist
  • Mobile Stylist
  • Beauty Instructor
  • Social Media Influencer
  • And More!
  • If any of these careers interest you, then you could have a lot of freedom trying new things and doing what you love! 

    5. Express Your Creativity

    A cosmetologist is an artist and if you are someone who is more on the creative side and has a passion for keeping up with trends, then this could be a great career for you! You can have the opportunity to create unique style and color creations for your clients. If a hands-on career sounds more like your cup of tea, then become a part of the beauty industry!

    6. Long Lasting Relationships

    A beauty industry career allows you to interact with so many people. Cosmetologists talk with their clients everyday. You can expect a very social environment if you work in a salon or spa. Some of your clients or coworkers may even become your best friends. 

    Beauty school is also a great way to make connections and a place where you can build strong, close relationships. Instructors and fellow students are your greatest resources during your journey. They are forever guides in assisting you with your career goals and growth. It’s important you stay open minded from the moment you start your cosmetology education, so that you are able to create a successful career for yourself!

    7. Helping Others to Feel Beautiful

    A cosmetology career is a great way to serve others and help them to feel special. People visit cosmetologists to change up their look and keep up with the trends. In this career you are able to help your clients feel more confident in their skin. You can give them beauty advice and use your experience to come up with the perfect style that they always dreamed of. If you love helping others and want a career that can make you feel good, then the beauty industry is a great place to start!

    7 Reasons to Consider a Career as a Cosmetologist

    Pursue a Cosmetology Education

    You can start your beauty journey with the right education and state licensing. Broken Arrow Beauty College is here to help! If you are interested in pursuing an education in Oklahoma, then check out our Tulsa campus and schedule a tour with us. Contact us today and our admissions team can answer any questions you have and help you get started!


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    Sep 06 2022

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