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7 Ways to Protect Your Skin Against Cold Weather

Fall is in full swing and we are loving the changes it brings. The temperature is finally dropping and that means it’s time to let your hair down and wear all those sweaters you’ve been dying to show off. Unfortunately, the cooler temperatures also mean dry and cracked skin if you neglect to care for your it. The last few months of the year are stressful enough and you shouldn’t have to add one more worry to the list. Here are seven things you can do to protect your skin against the cold weather.

Lower the Shower Temperature

After being in the cold you might want to come home and steam up those mirrors with a hot shower. We are just as sad as you are, but you’ll have to refrain that temptation for the sake of your skin. Taking a hot shower can strip you of natural oils that keep your skin from getting dry. To prevent dry and itchy skin, try to lower the water to a warm or lukewarm temperature to help your skin stay moisturized.


So you’ve just finished your warm shower and you’re wondering what else you can do for your skin. We’ve got one word for you: moisturize! Your skin can be fussy and we know it’s a lot of work to care for, but believe us when we say that this is something you won’t want to skip out on. Moisturized skin is what we all aim for and picking the right moisturizer can be your gateway to discovering just how beautiful your skin can be during the colder months. Ask an esthetician if you’re unsure which moisturizer products will work best for your skin.
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Looking for a cheap and easy way to moisturize your skin? Food facials help care for your skin, not to mention they’re delicious. In addition to moisturizing, food facials can also remove dead skin cells, prevent wrinkles, and much more!

Apply Sunscreen

This can seem a bit silly and it might even make you long for those summer days, but applying sunscreen is important for your skin even during the cold months. The sun is still damaging to your skin and it can be even more harmful when snow comes later this year because of the sun glaring off it. The sun can damage and age your skin year-round, so keep applying that sunscreen. Trust us, this investment in protecting your skin will all be worth it when your skin is looking beautiful and healthy when spring comes along.

Keep Hydrated

This is another one that people usually associate with summer. You might not feel like you need to drink water as much in the colder seasons. This is not true! Remember, drinking water is important no matter the time of year. Your body might not be signaling the need to drink as much, but the benefits of water don’t go away during the cold months. Water can help hydrate your skin and this becomes even more important during the next few months with the cold air. So be prepared to keep up your daily intake of eight glasses of water.

Get a Humidifier

Let’s face it, your skin has it rough during these next few months. The cold temperature means the air gets drier, which can be bad news for your skin. No one wants to suffer through dry skin and chapped lips during the holiday season, but that might be what happens if your skin isn’t getting enough moisture. Your skin does a lot for you and deserves to have a break from the harsh winds of outside. It’s great for you and your skin to escape the dry air by going in your house, but you might want to take that one step further and invest in a humidifier. It can help keep your skin moisturized and looking beautiful. So cozy up to your humidifier with a mug of hot chocolate and relax knowing that your skin is getting the royal treatment.

Layer Up The Right Way

We all know that it’s important to layer up when it’s cold. The right coat and scarf can help protect your face against the cold air. We’ve already mentioned how the cold wind can lead to dry and cracked skin, but the material of your clothing can make a big difference too. To avoid red and irritated skin, it’s better that you wear materials like cotton as opposed to wool. We love our big wooly sweaters as much as anyone, but the rough material rubbing against you is not what your skin wants or deserves.

Treat Yourself

Taking care of your skin is hard work! It can be difficult making sure you’re doing everything right to keep your beautiful skin glowing even during the harshest conditions. Let someone else care for you and get that facial you’ve been thinking about booking. You deserve it after all this hard work. A facial is a great way to make sure that your skin is getting properly moisturized.
At Broken Arrow Beauty College, our student salon* offers a variety of facial services to help your skin get the treatment it deserves.

Do You Love Skin Care?

Do you love caring for your skin? Do you have a passion for helping others feel beautiful? You might want to consider enrolling in our esthetics program where you will learn skin care and much more! Contact us to find out more about our programs.
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*All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

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Oct 15 2018