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Broken Arrow Beauty College Alumni Precious Campbell

Alumni Feature: Precious Campbell

The future success of our students is one of our biggest priorities. We want to make sure our students graduate feeling prepared for a career in the beauty industry. Precious Campbell is one of our incredible alumni. She graduated from our basic cosmetology program at our former campus, Cosmetology Education Center, and has gone on to become the owner of Presh Hair Design, P H D for short.

We are so excited for all her success! She took time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about how she made the most of her beauty school experience to get where she is today. Read on for some valuable tips and inspiration about how you can make your dreams a reality.

Why were you initially interested in going to beauty school?

Precious became interested in hair from a young age. She had to learn how to tame her unruly, curly hair and tried to trick it into being straight. She learned how to be creative to make her hair work for her and it really was her first taste of love for cosmetology.

Even though she loved it, Precious didn’t think of beauty as a career path. She was a dental assistant for eight years and worked her way up to management level. Even as a dental professional, Precious never stopped doing makeup and hair for friends and relatives. It was obvious that cosmetology was her passion, and it was time for a change. To learn more about the industry, Precious shadowed beauty professionals. Watching people do what they love, she knew that the beauty world was the perfect fit for her.

What brought you to Broken Arrow?

Precious decided to attend our school because it provided her with what she needed: an affordable education and an accommodating schedule. For her, it was a no brainer to pick the school. The support she received and the interest in her future was what made the decision easy. Being married with kids and a job while attending school took a lot of dedication. Because Broken Arrow Beauty College (BABC) was accommodating and able to work with her schedule, Precious was able to make it work, too.


What is your favorite thing about beauty school?

Precious kept it real: No one likes going to school, even beauty school. What kept her going is that she had a very clear goal in mind. A phrase she used a lot and reflects her ability to stay focused on her goals is, “The day you plant the seed is not the day you pick the fruit.”

Having a family, going to school, and working is a lot. You do have to sacrifice quite a bit. Beauty school is a year-long investment and being able to have this long-term thinking helped her stay focused and not get discouraged. Precious knew cosmetology school was where she should be and her drive got her through.

Did you always know you wanted to be a salon owner?

Precious didn’t always have her sights set on being a salon owner. She knew that she was passionate about hair and beauty and wanted a career in that world. It wasn’t until a year into her career as a cosmetologist that she thought about owning a salon. She was working in an assisting program knew that she wanted more independence.

The year was very valuable because she was able to experience the life of a stylist, learn the DOs and DON’Ts, and found a mentor to shadow. Precious developed confidence and began to believe she could create her own business. It was exciting because she knew she could create exactly what she wanted in a salon.

”It takes a lot of work and the industry is rising. If you’re ready to put in the work you can do it.”

Starting P H D was exciting to Precious because it meant she could control what her salon felt like and who worked there. Where you work is your home away from home it was really important to her that it was a space she wanted to be.

That authenticity and positive energy can be felt even from her social media presence. The attention to a customer’s experience and feel of her salon is part of why she is so successful and has developed a loyal clientele.

What’s your favorite part of being a salon owner?

To Precious, the most rewarding part of being an owner is sharing herself with everyone that walks into her space. Her joy comes from knowing that each customer gets to experience her culture and being able to share her talents with them.

The key to standing out as a stylist is to show your customers who you are. There are so many stylists and competition is high. Remember that you’re asking clients to sit in your chair for a few hours and you need to become the person they want to spend that time with. That comes from creating a welcoming atmosphere and being genuine.


What’s your biggest piece of advice to people currently in beauty school?

“Dream bigger” is the first thing Precious said. School is just the first step to your future and you have to be able to think beyond that in order to succeed and stick with it. Make sure that you are learning the curriculum and get the support from the school to pass the state exam. While in school, focus on getting your license and don’t get distracted by learning all the new trends.

Precious brought up a good point that you can learn and master trends on your own time. While school is a great place to get hands on practice at the student salon, the ultimate purpose is to get your ready to become a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. Don’t lose sight of that goal and you will be successful.

Biggest piece of advice for people considering beauty school?

Indicative of her generosity, Precious wanted us encourage anyone in the Tulsa area that wants to learn about the industry to give her a call. Her number is on her site and she is incredibly accessible. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from someone who has been through beauty school and went on to create her own success.

Precious emphasized the importance of being curious and doing your research first. Ask questions, visit salons, find a mentor. Another great tip she gave was to shadow a beauty school for a day and make sure it is what you are expecting. Shadow a mentor at a salon and see if the industry interests you.

Don’t think about beauty school as an easy alternative. It takes a lot of work and the industry is rising. If you’re ready to put in the work you can do it. Precious worked hard for her education, license, and salon. Now she has an established name and loyalty from clients that has let her enjoy the career of her choice.

Number one tip to being successful in the beauty industry?

Keep going. If this is your passion than it will take work but it won’t feel hard.

More than anything, never stop learning. You can never stop growing. You can never know it all. The industry is constantly changing and you can learn from anyone.

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