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Barbershops continue to pop up across the country for those with short hair to go, hang out, and get a cut from barbering professionals. Are you creative? Do you stay up on the latest hair trends? Are you passionate about helping others? Barbering could be for you!

Our barbering graduates are able to demonstrate skills in:

  • Beard design and shaving
  • Male haircuts
  • Facial treatments
  • Men’s styling

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“I graduated from here in 2010. It was not until I moved to a rural town that I realized how good my education here was, I took it for granted. The teachers were very good, and I stay in contact with them for advice to this day! I highly recommend this school.”
Jennifer Jendrick

Program Details

Full-Time Classes: 35 hours/week (48 weeks/12 months)
8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Mon – Fri

Part-Time Classes: 22.5 hours/week (74 weeks/18 months)
8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Mon – Fri

This course can prepare you in both the theory and practical application of the following subjects:

Units of Instructions Clock Hours
Safe Work Practices 155
Salesmanship/Business Practices 175
Anatomy, Hair and Scalp Treatments 200
Facial Massage and Treatment 40
Hair Cutting and Styling 580
Chemical Relaxing, Soft-Curl Perms, Permanent Waving 95
Hair Coloring 150
Male Hair Services, Beard Design, Shaving 65
Board Rules and Regulations and Statutes 40
Total Hours 1500

barber working with client

Learn With Pivot Point

At Broken Arrow Beauty College, our students have the amazing opportunity to learn the latest barbering skills through Pivot Point. This unique curriculum is designed to help students solidify skills and techniques while also developing their business skills. Our barbering program is divided into modules that focus on specific barbering techniques that students can learn anywhere while studying online. It’s the perfect way for students who are more visual learners to study about the world they love!

Student Salon

Choose an education that has a place where you can develop your skills with actual experience. At Broken Arrow Beauty College, you can learn and grow your skills as well as build customer relations in our salon! All the services are provided by students under the care and supervision of licensed professional Master Instructors. As you practice on the salon floor, you can get a head start in building your portfolio and loyal clientele by choosing Broken Arrow Beauty College.

Career Preparation

Our goal is to prepare each and every student with the tools needed to be successful in the barber industry. As a barber, you can pursue a variety of career options, including:

• Barber
• Hair Stylist
• Colorist
• Salon/Shop Owner
• Representative for Barber Products
• And More

Gain a Complete Education

Are you a graduated cosmetology student who wants to learn even more beauty skills? In our barbering program, training hours from your cosmetology program can carry over into your education so you finish with fewer hours. With you already having a knowledge of hairstyling and cutting skills, we’ll help you focus on the men’s styles to help you prepare for all clients!

Use Professional Products

We want our students to become familiar with using multiple types of professional beauty products for their career. That’s why in our barbering program, we introduce our students to a variety of hair products specific to men’s hair care. These products and other tools that are unique to the barbering world are included in our student kits that everyone gets when starting in our program.

Paying for School

As an accredited college, Broken Arrow Beauty College offers a variety of financial aid options to those who qualify. Get more information on how you can apply for financial aid. Feel free to reach out to our admissions team who can talk more about paying for school, discuss the process, and answer any additional questions you may have!

Cost of Course

Tuition $18,000
Tool Kit $2,055
Books $850
Application Fee $75
State Board Fee $5
Basic Skills Lab Fee $150
Total Cost $21,135

Get Started

Are you ready to pursue a barbering education? We know how important culture can be for your education. That’s why we would love for you to come in for a tour to check out where you could be learning, meet some instructors and students, and ask any other questions you may have! Give us a call or text at (918) 294-8627 to set it up.

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