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Beauty Employment Statistics Infographic

The beauty industry is large and full of opportunity, but just how much opportunity? Here are some of the highlights from the industry to illustrate what you could dive into. Whether you want to become a cosmetologist, hair stylist, esthetician, or nail technician, there could be something out there for you.

Beauty Industry Employment Statistics Infographic for Broken Arrow Beauty College

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Though salaries may appear to vary greatly between one another, it’s what you do with your education that determines your success. For example, you can grow from styling hair behind the chair to being the boss and owning your own salon. You could also choose to specialize in a particular service and really master it. Regardless of which profession you choose, beauty can give back what you put into it!
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The programs at Broken Arrow Beauty College can open doors for you to get the career of your dreams. To learn more about our basic cosmetology, esthetics, or manicuring programs, contact us today!

Contact us to meet with our admissions advisor who can talk about your career opportunities as a beauty professional!


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    May 20 2019