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Makeup artist with purple hair and feather earrings applying makeup to client

Beauty Jobs You Should Consider!

Do you follow beauty gurus and makeup mavens on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or any other social platform?

Do you love to do your own hair? Do you love to do other people’s hair?

Do you love to practice your makeup skills on your friends and family?

Do you enjoy painting your nails and creating works of art?

Do you want a job that allows you to express your creativity?

Was traditional college a place you didn’t quite fit in?

If you said “YES!”to any of these questions, you may already be thinking about beauty as a career. But you may be wondering what’s out there. And while jobs like salon owner or hairstylist might come to mind right away, there are actually a lot of careers in the beauty industry you might not know about!

beauty professional applying makeup

Careers in Cosmetology

Depending on where they work, cosmetologists can perform a number of services. Manicures, pedicures, haircuts, hairstyling, and hair coloring are just a few skills they can learn. During our Basic Cosmetology Course, our students can learn all these skills above plus:

  • Scalp Treatments
  • Facials
  • Makeup Application
  • Lash Tinting
  • Brow Tinting
  • Brow Arching
  • Shop Management
  • Chemical Hair Relaxing
  • And More!

Licensed cosmetologists could pursue careers working in careers and places like spas and salons, but you may not realize many cosmetologists work in nursing homes, resorts, and even online.

People with disabilities or people who can’t style their own hair and makeup call on cosmetologists to do the job. Cosmetologists can also become wig stylists, for those who need hair done that isn’t even their own. Perhap a celebrity stylist, runway makeup artist or online beauty blogger could also be in your future. Cosmetologists are trained beauty professionals after all, and many call on their expertise for all kinds of events from weddings to fashion shows.

Cosmetologists are bursting with ideas about the latest trends, are outgoing, hardworking, and all around awesome! Does this profession sound like something you’d want to pursue? Check out our program to learn more about the requirements to become a cosmetologist.

esthetician working on eyebrows

Careers in Esthetics

Ahh, spa days! Many estheticians find themselves working in peaceful settings, performing facials, makeup application, and hair removal. Our students can learn those services as well as:

  • Light Therapy
  • Skin Toning
  • Sales
  • Salon Development
  • And More!

Estheticians can potentially pursue careers in spas and resorts, but also on cruise ships, specialty hotels, clinics, retail shops and online. The skin is your largest organ, and therefore has some of the largest amount of career options.

Estheticians help their clients achieve beautiful skin, and that can be through many different methods. Some focus on products and treatments, but you could also use massage, light therapy, and hair removal as part of the process. Dermatologists sometimes turn to estheticians to recommend the best beauty products and superficial skin treatments.

Esthetician’s are very often considered empathetic, good at listening, friendly, and just amazing all around! Does working with someone on their skincare routine sound like what you want to do? You could help your clients glow! Check out our esthetics program to see if it might be a good fit for you.

woman doing a manicure

Careers in Nails

Nail technicians or manicurists usually work in salons or spas performing manicures, pedicures, and relaxing hand and foot massages. During our manicuring program, students can also learn:

  • Nail Shape and Structure
  • Nail Art
  • Artificial Nails
  • Salon Development
  • Sanitation
  • And Even More!

Licensed manicurists could pursue careers in places like salons, but could also work from home, in resorts, hotels, and cruise ships, and other places. People often come to manicurists when looking to treat nail disease or to cover up nail damage. They need to know all about nail anatomy to be able to make helpful recommendations.

Nail technicians are often detail-oriented, personable, fun, and just plain cool! You could have a career in art right in your hands! If that sounds like you, learn more about our manicurist program.

cosmo instructor

Think Outside The Box

A career in beauty can mean more than one thing. There are a lot of options out there and you don’t have to box yourself in to find something that pays the bills. Use your creativity and artistic expression to your advantage and look at more interesting career options in beauty.

At Broken Arrow Beauty College, we strive to provide a solid foundation in beauty for all our students. With the right experience and education you can find a career path that takes you beyond. We are also a Legacy Partner of Pivot Point to help push our graduates to succeed. The Pivot Point curriculum is designed to provide salon and spa experience in real-world settings.


Cosmetology instructors are the type of people who love what they do so much, they just can’t help but share it! If you already have a cosmetology license, and you wish to pass on your excitement for the beauty industry, check out our cosmetology instructor program.

Cosmetologists who are interested in becoming an educator can learn these skills during our course:

  • Course Outlining
  • Course Development
  • Teaching
  • Cosmetology Law
  • Cosmetology Curricula

If you’re ready to take your passion to the next level, get more info about our program.

Discover Your Future

Do any of these options sound appealing? Take our quiz to find out what course fits best with your personality and research different schools to find your perfect fit. If you want more information on any of our programs, please contact us! Our staff is here to help guide your education. Hope to see you soon!

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