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A totally 90s thing doing totally awesome things!

5 Things From Your Childhood That Made You Know You Were Born for Beauty

We have all had that one moment, that ah-ha ‘this is what my life is going to be’ moment.
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Even if you may not have known that a career in beauty was your perfect match from the time you first picked up your moms curling iron, the pull of all things hair, makeup, and beauty has captured your soul. As a child or teenager you were obsessed with having the biggest and best. You saved babysitting money to purchase the polish and products that your parents refused to buy and spent far too much time in front of the bathroom mirror swallowed by a plume of Aquanet.

Beauty has always been in your blood.

Take a trip down memory lane and see where your passion all began.

Are you ready for all this nostalgia?

  1. Caboodles

    You will forever remember the moment you bought your first caboodle. In fact, it may have been the moment that you realized your future lies in all things beautiful. You quickly filled every compartment with your butterfly clips, jeweled bobby pins, and glitter body spray and basked in the beauty of it all.

  2. Lip Smackers

    No matter how old you were, you knew that your lips just weren’t kissable unless you were using Lip Smackers, specifically Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers. Face it, all the others were inferior.

    Bonus Point!– Lip Smackers are one thing, but you knew you were playing the big time when you broke out your mood lipstick. It was the only way to show Mr. Perfect that you liked him, after all.

  3. Crimping Irons

    Now that you have perfectly soft lips, it’s time to get the hair to match! Always the height of fashion, you had your trusty crimping iron always heated and ready. You knew just the right way to crimp and primp to get ready for that night roaming the mall.

    Bonus Point! – Forget just crimping your hair, you had to get that look to stick. Aquanet was your best friend for this. And, let’s not get into the debate on if L.A. Looks or DEP was better!

  4. Banana Clips

    Nothing is better to showcase your perfectly crimped hair than a banana clip, it keeps your hair up, stylish, and perfect. Even better, get yourself a zig-zag headband, I mean banana clips are like so last year and these new zig-zag bands are everywhere!

    Bonus Point! – Just missed the banana clips and zigzag headbands? That’s okay, butterfly clips, headbands, and barrettes of all kind still count!

  5. Smells Like…

    You can’t go anywhere without smelling your best, and Teen Spirit antiperspirant was your go to, but you weren’t about to stop there. Douse yourself in Electric Youth Perfume by Debbie Gibson or Maybelline Kissing Potion and get ready for the school dance, you can still smell the sweet – even years later!

    Bonus Point! – Not to be outdone, you were always one to go a step further to help yourself really shine. Bring on the roll-on body glitter, in your favorite blueberry aroma. It went great with your perfume, and no one could miss you with that sparkle!

  6. One Last Thing..

    Anything Delia*s.

    Need I say more?

Break out the side ponytail and scrunchies and take yourself back to where it all began.

You have always loved beauty, and no matter how long it has been, it is never too late to build a future in beauty! Isn’t it time to let your dreams build into a profession you love?

Were You Born for This?

Embrace your beautiful roots and explore how an education in beauty could help you build a rewarding career filled with success.

Your future is what you make it! Contact us to get started today!

Want More? Check out our blog and see where an education in cosmetology could take you.

don't give up on your beauty career dreams

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