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Big Changes at Broken Arrow Beauty College

Broken Arrow Beauty College has some new and exciting changes happening that we want to share! The school will be consolidating campuses. Our Broken Arrow campus will be consolidated into our Tulsa campus. We have some answers to some questions you may have regarding this important change to the school:

When Will This Change Happen?

The official consolidation of the school took place on March 30th, 2019. Some transitional changes may occur before, after, and on that day. We will provide more information as we proceed!

Will The School Still Be Called ‘Broken Arrow’ Beauty College?”

Yes, absolutely! Broken Arrow Beauty College (BABC) has been in the Broken Arrow community for over 50 years since it was first founded there. The physical BABC location will be closed as we merge the BABC name with our current location in Tulsa, named the Cosmetology Education Center (CEC). The Broken Arrow community is an important part of who were are and even though the school will no longer be located there, it’s important to take our history and legacy with us no matter where the school may go!

How Will Program Options Change?

The beauty programs will remain unchanged! We will still be offering our basic cosmetology, manicurist, esthetician, and master instructor courses. We want this transition to be as smooth as possible so our students can continue their educational journey with as little disruption as possible!

Will Financial Aid Change?

The good news is that financial aid and all of our other student services will remain unchanged. Students who qualify for financial aid will still be able to apply for it just as they always have. Additionally, our student support services, such as career assistance and transfers, will remain unchanged.

Will Salon Services Be Affected?

Our student salon will continue to offer the same services it always has. Obviously this campus consolidation means that clients from the Broken Arrow campus may need to travel to Tulsa if they want to stay with the student cosmetologist they’ve been working with, but they will be able to offer all of the same services.

We Are Grateful

We want to give our sincerest thanks to everyone who has supported Broken Arrow Beauty College along the way. A business can’t stay open for over 50 years without the help and support of many people. We’re grateful to everyone who has helped to make our success and the success of our students possible, and we look forward to training tomorrow’s best beauty professionals.

Visit the Tulsa campus page to learn more about where our students will all be located.

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Mar 14 2019