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Smiling redheaded woman laying in colored fall leaves wearing a scarf

As we get deeper and deeper into fall, the color on the leaves have grown darker and more vibrant. One of the best things about autumn is the color show. It always deserves a drive to look at nature’s display. But as the leaves begin to fall and the color begins to wrinkle into a…

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Oct 19 2017

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woman with blonde and pink hair thinking

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to obtain a career in beauty? Have you found that you’ve talked yourself out of it multiple times? Whatever your reason is for not pursuing a career in cosmetology and the beauty industry, we’re here to tell you DO NOT GIVE UP! At Broken Arrow Beauty…

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Image of models and hairstylists on stage with onlookers

Students that attend CHI Partner schools have the opportunity to compete in a student showcase competitions. This year two of our students, Liz Garcia and Ashley Benson, were selected to showcase their skills back in March of 2017. Much to their surprise, however, they were doing more than just showing off their latest styles, they…

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Sep 13 2017


three generations of women

It all started in 1983 when the Sells Family purchased a beauty school in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The little school on Main Street only had eleven students at the time, and even though the school had passed from owner to owner for many years it finally found a home with the Sells family. After years…

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We are reopen!

We're excited to announce that our school is now reopened. Check out our blog to find out what we're doing to keep everyone safe while visiting us!

If you're interested in starting your future in beauty, contact us today!