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Broken Arrow’s All Star Alumni: Michelle Carpenter

The career you create depends a lot on the education you receive. That’s why, at Broken Arrow Beauty College, we take pride in delivering the best possible education to our students, giving them the tools they need to create the future they dream of.
It’s those students that we have made our focus, and those students which we proudly feature.
With a rich history that spans over forty years our alumni is wide, and this month we are proud to feature Michelle Rice Carpenter and all her amazing accomplishments.

Alumni Michelle Carpenter

It Started at the Arrow

The education that Michelle received at Broken Arrow Beauty College really gave her the foundation she needed to make her dreams come true. Although she enjoyed the circuit classes the most, she felt that many more doors opened for her because of her choice to enroll at Broken Arrow.
Through her cosmetology school experience, Michelle met many successful stylists, some of which she still works with to this day. But it was more than that. The work she put in in her early years and the business skills she learned early on helped her when she faced the most challenging part of her career: opening her own salon.

It Takes a Tenacious Wit

A graduate of Broken Arrow Beauty College in 1997, Michelle went right to work. Finding her first job within just a few months of graduating, she cut her skills on the floor before obtaining her Master Instructors License.
It was then Michelle opened up EPIC Salon in May of 2011.
Located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; EPIC is a true community salon. They proudly work with local charities, churches and schools, to give back to the community that they love. It’s a culture of giving, and of community, that Michelle has built into her salon. And, it’s that feeling that brings so many back through their doors.

Alumni Michelle Carpenter

It is a Lifelong Passion

Although she owns a successful salon, Michelle still finds herself on the floor of her own salon, pampering her clients as she continues to create new looks and build up her skills with new looks that send people swooning.

Michelle has built a passionate life, and it all started with an education at Broken Arrow Beauty College.

If you are interested in beginning your journey into the world of cosmetology, contact Broken Arrow Beauty College and discover how a passionate education can give you the keys you need to build your own beautiful future.

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Love this lady. She truly has a heart of gold.

Aug 04 2017