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Careers You Can Have in OK as a Cosmetologist

At Broken Arrow Beauty College, we know this year hasn’t gone the way we expected. Luckily we have the opportunity to make the last half of 2020 better than the first, which means that this could still be the year you start working towards a career you feel passionate about! With our school opened back up and the beauty industry continuing to grow, this is the perfect time to apply for our Basic Cosmetology program. What better way to get started than by exploring all the career options available to you once you graduate and become a licensed professional? Here are some of the careers you could have after graduation in Oklahoma!

Hair Stylist

This is probably the career most people imagine cosmetologists working in after they graduate. And it’s not hard to see why! Working in a salon allows cosmetologists to work with people and help them feel confident, express their creativity through different styles clients want, and many can even decide their own work schedules. Plus, there are always going to be clients who rely on beauty professionals for the latest styles so chances are there’s an employer looking for a good hairstylist in your area.

student working with client

In Tulsa, we’re lucky to be surrounded by amazing local salons that help graduates start their career in the beauty world! Ihloff Salon and Spa, Mather Hair Design and Cosmetic Studio, and AfterFX Salon are just some of the amazing high-end places where you can enter the industry in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Salon Owner/Assistant Manager

Interested in learning how you can combine your leadership skills and business skills with your love of beauty? A salon owner could be the perfect career path for you! As a salon owner you will do things like hiring and managing employees, marketing your salon, perfect systems and processes to run your business more efficiently, and still have the opportunity to work directly with clients using your beauty education. With the demand for beauty professionals to help clients, there’s always room for more innovative and creative leaders in Oklahoma! It’s why at Broken Arrow Beauty College, we go beyond just teaching the technical side of beauty to make sure our students know what goes into the business of owning a beauty salon.

Beauty Marketer

Did you know that knowing the ins and outs of social media can help you with your career? In today’s world, clients want to know as much about a salon before they commit to going there for an appointment. And especially for a salon where clients are going for a new look, they’re going to look up the salon’s website and social media to make sure the aesthetic fits what they’re looking for in their new style. That’s where a beauty marketer comes in!

client with long blue hair

Most salons don’t have time to manage their social media but instead rely on someone else to do it for them. That someone needs to understand the salon’s brand and know how to reflect that in the best way for a school on their social media by using all the right tools on each platform. See, spending all that time figuring out your Instagram’s color scheme and exact look was worth it! And you could even learn more exciting social media techniques at Broken Arrow Beauty College through our partnership with Beauty as a Business (BAAB). Through this, we teach students the importance of maintaining an amazing social media presence and how to best market your beauty skills.

Beauty Specialist

One of the amazing things we love about this industry is that there’s a place for every beauty lover. Did you find out that you have a passion for coloring hair while in cosmetology school? You can have a career that allows you to focus on that specific skill by becoming a professional colorist. Or maybe you discovered a love for using your creativity through makeup. A job as a makeup artist could be the perfect fit for you! There’s no shortage of skills you could focus on to personalize your beauty future. And the best part is that your expertise on your favorite technique could make you the person to go to whenever a client needs that specific service done.

Get Started Today

Excited for what the world in beauty could have in store for you? The first step to getting there is by applying to beauty school! At Broken Arrow Beauty College, our Basic Cosmetology program teaches students how to become a beauty professional through business and technical skills.

We’ve been in this community a long time and we’re so excited to welcome more students in our family and show them how they can become a successful cosmetologist in Oklahoma. Contact us today to learn how to start the application process. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Jul 31 2020