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Broken Arrow Success! Straight from the CHI School Student Artists Show

Students that attend CHI Partner schools have the opportunity to compete in a student showcase competitions. This year two of our students, Liz Garcia and Ashley Benson, were selected to showcase their skills back in March of 2017.

Much to their surprise, however, they were doing more than just showing off their latest styles, they were showcasing them live on stage at the America’s Beauty Show in Chicago!

CHI School Showcase Winners

Even through the buzz of being on stage, these two created hair laden masterpieces full of curls and color. Showcasing their work was an experience unlike any other, and one that Ashley says was “surreal”.

CHI School Showcase Winners

Not only was presenting their work on stage a huge surprise for these amazingly talented women, it was a life changing experience. Especially for Ashley Benson who was recently named as one of the four members of the CHI Student Show Team for 2017. This is a huge honor, and one that everyone here at Broken Arrow Beauty College Inc. is proud of our girl for accomplishing!

CHI School Showcase Winners

Part of this huge accomplishment includes joining the show team in Cancun for a week of pure hair magic. Made up of students from around the world, Ashley was able to show her wares, all while immersing herself in a truly diverse experience.

The competition was something she will truly never forget and will -without a doubt- change her life.

Congrats, Ashley, on your amazing successes. We are truly proud to be part of your journey and to support you as you reach for the stars.

Are you ready to change your life and perhaps even have a chance to see the world? Head on into Broken Arrow Beauty College and see how our programs, and our association with these amazing brands, can get you on your way.

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Sep 13 2017