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Smiling redheaded woman laying in colored fall leaves wearing a scarf

Color. Inspired by Fall

As we get deeper and deeper into fall, the color on the leaves have grown darker and more vibrant. One of the best things about autumn is the color show. It always deserves a drive to look at nature’s display. But as the leaves begin to fall and the color begins to wrinkle into a dull brown, you may be looking for a way to make that color last.

The answer has come in one of the most surprising places; hair.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of these fall inspired colors. You might find yourself running to the salon faster than you think!

Fire and Flames

This look, created with Redken products, reminds us of a campfire on a crisp fall night, surrounded by the bright oak leaves.

Burnt Sienna

If the dark hues of red, brown and purple are more your style, go for this beautiful ombre created by MaggieTheSalon that reminds of everyone’s favorite crayon.

Oil Slick

The deep shimmery colors of fall come to life in this oil slick style. We love the shimmer and can see it glistening in a perfect evening walk.

A Burst of Color

We love pops of color, and this bright orange patch created by J Man reminds us perfectly of fall, and the pumpkin spice we all love.

Into the Dark

There is something about the dark undertones combines with the bright lengths that really let those fall colors shine! We love this look, and found beautiful examples in both red and purple.

Ready to get your own autumn colors?

At Broken Arrow Beauty College we are ready to help you achieve the colorful look of your dreams, no matter what the season. Book your services in our student salon* today and see yourself in the vibrant colors of autumn.

*Services performed by students under the direct supervision of trained and licensed instructors.

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Cosmetology is much more than just cutting and coloring hair. Click below to get the low-down!
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Oct 19 2017

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