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Broken Arrow Campus - 918.251.9669 Tulsa Campus - 918.294.8627


Esthetics training at Broken Arrow Beauty College and Cosmetology Education Center (Tulsa) is more than skin care basics, this unit of study can prepare students not only to sit for the board licensing exam but also for a future of gainful employment.

Our 600 hour course can train students in the science behind skin care basics and the business that supports it. Not only can Broken Arrow students receive clinical practice to supplement the theory they learn in class, but they can also receive guided training from instructors who are dedicated to their success.


This course can prepare the student for employment in the cosmetology industry as an Esthetician, Technician for a cosmetic company, or as a Salon owner or manager.

The Broken Arrow Legacy

For more than 32 years Broken Arrow Beauty College has been a proud member of the Pivot Point International family of partner schools, because as the industry demands change our training program does too. Pivot Point leads the way in training in this industry and that allows us to help our graduatesĀ maintain their success in their field.

Broken Arrow Beauty College embodies the family culture, because we actually are family! Our current family owners took over the business in 1983, but the school has been individually owned and operated since first opening the doors in February of 1969.

Our Esthetics program is offered at both locations and courses can be taken as full-time or part-time day classes.


Broken Arrow Beauty College
400 South Elm Place Broken Arrow, OK 74012
Call or Text: (918) 251-9669

Cosmetology Education Center
11122 East 71st Tulsa, OK 74133
Call or Text: (918) 294-8627

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Post-Graduation Opportunity
As a licensed graduate of Broken Arrow Beauty College or the Cosmetology Education Center, you could be eligible for a tuition reduction and a credit transfer toward a degree at the National American University. CLICK HERE to learn about how your beauty education can help you earn an A.A.S in Health and Beauty Management or even a Masters in Management!

Cost of Course:

Tuition $5,400
Kit/Uniform $588
Books $362
Pre-Clinic Lab Fees $100
Application Fee $75
State Board Fee $5
Total Cost $6,530

Program Details:

Full-Time Day Classes – 35 hrs/week, 19 weeks/5 months

8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Mon – Fri @ BABC Campus
8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Mon – Fri @ CEC Campus

This course includes the following units of study:

Units of Instruction Clock Hours
Bacteriology, Sterilization & Sanitation 80
Sciences: Histology, Dermatology & Physiology of the Skin (includes structures & functions of skin & glands; color or morphology 180
Facials: Includes draping, manipulations, cleaning, toning, chemistry, light therapy & makeup 200
Non-permanent hair removal: (includes methods, procedures & arching) 40
Salon development: (includes business administration, law, insurance, professional ethics, record keeping, business telephone techniques, salesmanship displays, advertising, hygiene & public health 60
Cosmetology law, rules & regulations 40
Total Hours 600


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