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woman smiling while wearing a face mask

How COVID-19 Impacted 2020 Summer Beauty Trends

There’s no denying that this year has been unusual. With the COVID-19 outbreak temporarily closing places down or causing plans to cancel, many aspects of our lives have had to learn to adapt to constant change. And the beauty world is no exception! Whether it was quarantine hair or you’re a beauty professional who’s had to learn to take care of your clients from afar, chances are you’ve noticed some new beauty trends that have come from this experience. So what has this unique year brought to the industry for summer 2020? Read our list to find out!

New Makeup Strategies

This year has brought a new accessory that many of us never thought of wearing on an everyday basis: a face mask.Wearing a mask presented new challenges to our makeup routines Not only because it limits the amount of area you’re able to show off your makeup skills but it can also cause skin irritation from the mask constantly rubbing on your product. That’s why many people are using a heavier moisturizer and lighter foundation to help protect their skin from any unwanted problems.

Pro tip: Just because half of your face is covered doesn’t mean you’re limited on looks. The eyes become a bigger area of focus and getting creative in this area with bright colors, bold liners and big lashes is a way to make a statement.

woman wearing face mask and bright makeup

Low-Maintenance Beauty Services

We all remember when we realized that quarantine was going to last longer than we thought and it was uncertain when we could visit our favorite beauty professionals. Whether that meant watching your nails break off one by one or your natural hair color taking over your roots, it seemed like going back to the salon couldn’t come fast enough. Now as we’re slowly going outside more and people are coming into the salon, many clients are deciding to get simpler cuts or other beauty services that don’t require as frequent check-ins. So if they’re ever sick and need to go into quarantine again, they won’t have to stress about missing an appointment for another week or two.

Online Shopping

It’s no surprise that this year led to a huge increase in online shopping and that includes beauty products. Because being inside doesn’t mean that you stop taking care of yourself and your beauty needs. In fact, we believe that it’s even more important this year to indulge in your beauty self-care routines. That’s why so many people made the switch to shop for their favorite products online. Even now, beauty lovers are still depending on online shopping options because they want to be out as less as possible or they’ve just found that it’s super convenient!

boxes on a front porch

Step Up Your Home Beauty Care Routine

With everything that’s happened this year, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by having so much out of our control. You know what you can control: your hair and skincare routine! There’s no better feeling than doing something you love when you’re feeling stressed and for us beauty mavens, our passion can even help us relax and give ourselves some much-needed extra self-care. And this year people are going to take these routines they’ve learned and carry them into the summer season to make sure their hair and skin still get the attention they deserve. Wearing a face mask, deep conditioning your hair more often, or giving yourself a pedicure are all relaxing beauty routines we deserve in 2020!


Appreciation for Beauty Professionals

If you were ever in doubt as to how much people rely on licensed beauty professionals, this year was the perfect time to prove just how true that is! While in quarantine, most of us thought or heard someone else mention how much they missed going to the salon. Sure, to help style your quarantine hair but also to interact with someone you know and miss. If you didn’t before, you’re probably realizing now how amazing it is to have someone you trust help you achieve all the latest looks. Maybe that’s even made you think that a career where you combine your creativity with a chance to help others like beauty professionals get to do is something you’d want to pursue!

Learn Beauty This Summer

If all these summer trends have made you wonder if a cosmetology career is right for you, now is the perfect time to find out more! At Broken Arrow Beauty College, our school has reopened for both students and clients to come into our student salon. We’re taking all the necessary precautions to make sure our students are safely learning what they love.

Contact us to learn more about our basic cosmetology program, financial aid to those who qualify, and anything else you need to start your future with us!

If you’re a student ready to start their education or a client looking for a new style, read our blog to see what our school is doing to keep our beauty family safe now that we’ve reopened.

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Jun 24 2020

Beauty Trends