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Student Salon Hours are Monday – Friday from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM

For our Senior Citizens we have a 20% discount for those that are 62 years of age and older.

Additional Time or Product requirements may require us to increase these prices on a case-by-case basis.

All Services Performed by Students Under the Supervision of Licensed Instructors.

We Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Cash

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1 Hair Sculpting or Style Services
Hair Cut
Includes Shampoo$7.00
+ blow dry$12.00 & up
+ blow dry with curling iron$15.00 & up
+ roller set$14.00 & up
+ blow dry with flat iron $19.00 & up
Bang or Neckline trim$4.00
Beard & or Moustache trim$5.00
+ blow dry$8.00 & up
+ blow dry with curling iron$10.00 & up
+ blow dry with flat iron$15.00 & up
+ roller set$9.00 & up
+ long hair with roller set (beyond shoulder length)$15.00 & up
Following five services do not include Shampoo, Blow Dry, Curling Iron or Flat Iron
Updo Style$20.00 & up
Single Braid$15.00 & up
Specialty Braiding per Hour$15.00 & up
Spiral Curls with Curling Iron$20.00 & up
Finger Waves$16.00 & up
2 Manicuring Services
Conditioning Manicure$12.00
Gel Polish Manicure$22.00
Spa Manicure – Includes Scented Sugar Scrub, and Scented Lotion, followed by a hand paraffin dip and hot towel wrap $18.00
Gel Polish Spa Manicure$28.00
Gel Polish Pedicure$38.00
Polish Change (hands or feet)$5.00
Gel Polish Change (hands or feet)$15.00
Toe Nail Clip & File$10.00
Paraffin Treatment (hands or feet)$5.00
Acrylic Artificial Nails
Tips with Overlay$20.00
French Tips w/ Pink overlay$25.00
Overlays (no tips)$18.00
Fills$15.00 & up
Replacement Nail (per Nail)$3.00
Nail Art (per Nail)$.50 & up
Wrap/Repairs (cracked)$3.00 per nail
Soak Off$6.00 & up

3 Day Artificial Nail Guarantee

3 Perm Services
Permanent waves$26.00 & up
Spiral perm, Piggy-Back perm, or Special Wrap Perms$55.00 & up
Relaxer$40.00 & up
CHI Enviro Smoothing Treatment (Permanent Treatment – Take-Home Shampoo and Conditioner)$75.00 & up
Keratin Express Smoothing (Semi-Permanent Treatment – Take-Home Shampoo and Conditioner)$62.00 & up
Haircut with perm$6.00
Roller Set with Perm$7.00

10 Day Perm Guarantee

4 Color Services

All of the below Color Services include a Shampoo and Blow Dry style Only.

All Over Color\Retouch: (Partial Pricing available)
Color$30.00 & up
Bleach$35.00 & up
Men’s Quick Color$15.00 & up
Highlights / Lowlights: (Partial Pricing available)
Using Foils$40.00 & up
Using Cap$32.00 & up
Specialty Color (Balayage, Ombre, Shadow Root, Zonal, Color Corretion)$30.00 & up
Hair Cut with Color Service$6.00
Flat Iron with Color Service$4.00
Curling Iron with Color Service$2.00
Roller Set with Color Service$7.00
Deep Conditioning Treatment$10.00 & up

5 Day Color Service Guarantee

5 Ethnic Hair Services
Curl Reformation$50.00 & up
Relaxer$40.00 & up
Texturizer (Curl Diffusion)$30.00 & up
+ Wrap$15.00 & up
+ Wrap with Curling Iron$16.00 & up

10 Day Curl or Relaxer Guarantee

6 Facial Services
Plain Facial – includes cleansing,massage, mask,hydration and balancing of the skin. (approx. 45 min to 1 hour) $20.00
Facial with Machine – This Treatment uses the Eminence Organic product line or the Dermalogica product line and includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, toning, hydrating, vaporizing, mask, massage and balancing of the skin. (approx 1 to 1 1/2 hours long) $30.00
Microdermabrasion – Refines and rejuvenates surface skin and stimulates new cellular growth for a younger, more vibrant complexion. $26.00
Microdermabrasion (on hands)$15.00
IonActive Treatment – Chemically rejuvenates surface skin for a younger, more vibrant complexion. $28.00
Enzymatic Treatment – Chemically rejuvenates surface skin for a younger, more vibrant complexion. $26.00
Paraffin Mask (with other facial services only)$5.00
Lash Extensions full set$75.00 & up
Lash Extensions Fills (after 2 weeks) $30.00 & up
Lash Extensions 1/4 set – just the corner of the eye$25.00 & up
Eyebrow Tinting$10.00
Make-Up Application per Application$15.00
7 Waxing Services

Trimming Fees may apply if length of hair is greater than 1/2 inch.

Eye brow$8.00
Chin $8.00
Cheeks (both sides of face)$10.00
Full Face Wax (includes brows) $30.00
Bikini (No Brazilian) $20.00
Under Arms $18.00
Back of hands $8.00
Lower 1/2 of arms$18.00
All of Arms$22.00
Lower 1/2 of legs$24.00
All of Legs$38.00 & up
Back $28.00 & up
Chest$18.00 & up
Stomach$18.00 & up

Tipping: If you want to leave a tip for the student, the typical range is 10-20% or higher, depending on your level of satisfaction.