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Give Your Skin Some Love: Tips, Tricks, and Some of Our Favorite Products

If you have ever needed to buy a skincare product, but asked yourself “which one” when looking at all the options, you’re not alone. The skincare industry is saturated with so many products and options. This is a bad thing because it can make the decision a tough one, but it’s a good thing because there are so many things you can use to keep your skin looking beautiful and smooth! Here are a few things we recommend to keep your skin soft and some products that we have found to be top notch!

Lip Love

Your lips are doing a lot more work than you give them credit for. They move a lot and take a beating from all the elements. All of this ages them quickly which is why you see so many procedures and methods to help keep them lush and beautiful. Instead of going in for a treatment that is costly, timely, and can potentially have side-effects, try this nightly lip treatment. It can help keep your lips in kissing condition without all the procedures!
skincare product for lips

Bring Out The Color of Your Eyes

Eyes are another facial feature that you want to keep looking young, soft, and smooth. The skin around your eyes can either compliment the natural color of your iris’, or take away from them. Making sure you give your eyes the attention they need to be bright and beautiful is very important. Dermalogica also makes a creme that can be applied before or after makeup application to help your eyes glimmer.
eye cream

Doing Away with the Breakouts and Blemishes

When bumps and blemishes pop up on your face, it can be a real nightmare. People deal with these breakouts in different ways, some of which can actually worsen the condition. Using your fingers to pop blemishes can introduce more bacteria to the area and create more or worse problems. A better way to take care of the problem is to apply a spot treatment and give it some time.
woman applying skincare product to face
Keeping the skin clear is a major ingredient in overall beauty. There is a lot you can do and much to learn. To help get your skin in tip top condition, visit the Broken Arrow student salon* and get a facial! You’ll experience great products and service – your skin will thank you! Hope to see you soon!

*All work performed by students are supervised by a professional instructor

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Jun 29 2017