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three generations of women

The Broken Arrow Tradition. A Family Affair.

It all started in 1983 when the Sells Family purchased a beauty school in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The little school on Main Street only had eleven students at the time, and even though the school had passed from owner to owner for many years it finally found a home with the Sells family.

After years of loving care, this amazing family has turned a struggling school into an amazing facility that spans generations

Get to Know the Sells Family, and Fall in Love With Broken Arrow All Over Again.

Led by Frances and Wayne Sells, their youngest son Jeff and his wife Angela have worked tirelessly to build this school into a home for anyone who seeks an education in cosmetology, barbering esthetics, manicuring, or master instructor.

A History of Education

The Sells family history has always focused on education. With Frances having graduated with a masters in education, and Wayne holding a masters in Vocational Education, it is a passion that they truly hold dear.

Although they both started their careers teaching in the public school system, they changed course when an opportunity became available to open a welding school near their home in Oklahoma. It was here that their passion for education truly ignited. Seeing how the school impacted and changed the lives of so many, they embraced this passion-filled mission and in 1983 purchased the Broken Arrow Beauty College.

With such a deep commitment to education, it is no wonder that the dedication was passed down to Jeff and his older brother. Growing up in both the welding and beauty schools, Jeff and his brother found themselves doing everything from cleaning and setting classrooms to assisting in full remodels.

It was these remodels, Jeff says, that gave him some of the deepest gratification in all the years he has worked with his family. Watching all his hard work coming to fruition with beautiful results not only impacted him but all the students who have since benefited from the late nights.

A Growth for the Generations

Under the loving care of the Sells family, Broken Arrow Beauty College has seen tremendous growth since those first years.

After the school originally opened in 1969, and several expansions in the original location on Main Street, it was determined that there was no more room to expand further and a new location was needed. After moving to a new location in a former steakhouse, the school continued to thrive, welcoming more and more students through their doors until they had to expand yet again. That wasn’t the end of it, however.

It was then that Angela and Wayne opened up the second location, working together to welcome more students into their beauty school family. In 2004, the Cosmetology Education Center (former second campus location within the BABC family) opened in Tulsa, the beautiful new facility working alongside Broken Arrow to create a broader culture and family in beauty.

A Developing Passion for Beauty

Although the Sells family history is not in beauty, their passion for education and to their students has shown through since the beginning. Over the years their love of beauty has thrived, with Frances gaining not only an education in beauty, but extending herself to receive her master instructor license.

It is more than knowledge that has led them to love this industry. It’s the diversity, Jeff Sells, says, continuing with ”You will never see another industry that has more personalities in one spot.”

More than diversity, the tenacious spirit of the students is addicting. Their passionate dedication infects everyone around them as together the students and staff rise to face challenge after challenge, strengthening and growing together as they create something amazing.

Family First

One of the biggest things that the Sells’ embrace is family. Whether you are staff or student they have tried to create an environment where people feel supported and loved, just like family.

It is a feeling that has been instilled and felt for generations, and one that keeps people returning. In fact, Broken Arrow Beauty College has begun welcoming third generation cosmetology students through their doors, with many students following not only their parents but their grandparent’s footsteps.

All of this family does not go without its issues. As with any great family, there will always be challenges. The Sells Family wouldn’t trade the school business for anything, saying ”It’s been wonderful. It has never been boring.

One thing is certain Broken Arrow Beauty College would not be the same without the love and care of the Sells Family.

If you would like to discover the family that is Broken Arrow Beauty College, contact us today to schedule a tour.

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