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Were You Born for Cosmetology?

We’ve taught hundreds of students at our Broken Arrow campus. Over the years we’ve heard a variety of reasons why someone decided to start cosmetology school, but by far the most popular reason was, “I was born for this.”
Were you born for a career in cosmetology? Here are five things that might indicate that you need to pursue your lifelong passion starting now!

1. You Gave a Few Bad Haircuts

Your younger sister rocked mini-bangs before they were a thing, and your dog really appreciated a lighter coat in the summer. You experimented with safety scissors and temporary hair colors all your life, and you’re ready to learn how to do it for real. There’s a great before and after haircut photo waiting to happen for your lil’ sis.

2. You Consider Yourself an Artist

You’ve always been artistic and creative, and life would be much more rewarding if your career was creative, too. If you find yourself painting, drawing, sculpting, or playing an instrument, you probably have a few artistic bones and your body, and they should be put to even better use.

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3. You’ve Considered a Career in Beauty Before

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Have you once toured beauty schools and requested admissions information, but never before made the leap? That’s OK. We know change can be scary, and we know that the time is not always right. Now’s your chance to make a change. Finding the right school will make all the difference in making the right choice when it comes to attending beauty school. Contact us to find out how our helpful staff can assist you in making your dreams a reality.

4. It’s a Family Thing

Do you have a mother, grandmother, uncle, aunt, grandfather, sister, brother, or any other family member who is also a cosmetologist? It’s likely that if you grew up in a salon, that you’ll want to thrive in a salon. It’s pretty typical for us to see generational cosmetologists, and we love that beauty is in the bloodline!

5. You Have Never Felt Quite at Home

Your current job isn’t your dream job, and as a child you never aspired to be what you are now. Visions of hair colors, cuts, and runway styles filled your young mind, and you’re itching to achieve and create those dreams in real life. While your current career is supporting you, and maybe a family, we want to you to know that is is possible to change careers, no matter your stage in life. The best way to figure out how we can help you transition in your current situation is to contact us!

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Jan 10 2018

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