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What Hairstyle Suits Me?

The hairstyle you pick should match your features and the shape of your head. There are also many other factors you should consider, such as your skin tone, what color you would like your hair to be, and what your personal personal or professional environment is. We’ll go over some examples on how to pick a look perfect for you!

  1. The Shape of Your Face

    The shape of your face has a large impact on what hairstyles will generally look good on you. The diagram below can help you discover your face shape. Knowing how your face is shaped will help you pick the perfect look!


    • Round FaceIf you have a round face, you should consider hairstyles that elongate and frame the face. Avoid things like ponytails or bob cuts that accentuate the round features of your face.
    • Long FaceIf you have a long face, long hairstyles help bring interest to the parts of your face that you most wish to accentuate, such as your jawline. Keep the face framed and be sure to add layers to your hairstyle to give it depth.
    • Square FaceShort hairstyles may look odd on people with square faces. You want a hairstyle that is longer than the jawline to soften the edges. Light curls are also a great way to add some smooth angles and add layers to your hairstyle. Use bangs to your advantage to make the forehead look narrower as well. Short hairstyles will often be no-nos!
    • Triangle (or Heart) FaceThe best looks on a heart-shaped face are going to be ones that work to narrow the forehead and broaden the jawline. This can be done with both short and long hairstyles, just make sure that your style doesn’t do anything to accentuate the forehead!
    • Oval FaceAn oval face is the shape any fashionista would wish for! Nearly any hairstyle can look great on someone with an oval face. With an oval face you can go big with either long cuts or short cuts and they’ll look excellent for most people!
  2. Individual Circumstances

    Everyone leads different lives, so what is stylish and appropriate for one person might not work at all for someone else. Consider your life and how your hairstyle might affect it, if at all. The biggest consideration might be your career or work environment. If long hair gets in the way too much, or is a hazard risk, maybe consider a shorter hairstyle. Alternatively, if you work in a corporate setting, a bold blue hairstyle might be best reserved for when you’re an executive and can make the rules yourself.

Share With Us!

What hairstyles have you found to work best with you? What are your secrets to making your hairstyle perfect for your face? Share with us on Facebook, we’d love to hear from you! If you’re interested in getting started with a new look, check out our salon services page and book an appointment with one of our talented students today!

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A best of the article is hairstyle according to your face shape. Very thankful to you.

Dec 20 2017