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What is a Beautician?

You may have heard your granny say, “I’m heading to the beautician to get my perm done!”, but is that what you say when you go to get your hair color touched up? Not likely! The word beautician has been around for a long time, in fact it came about in the 1920s! However, over the last few years, it’s been replaced. A beautician is a cosmetologist and the difference isn’t anything but in the name.

hairdresser running fingers through female blonde client's hair

The History of Beauticians

The word beautician stems from two different words: beauty and technician. The term, beautician, means someone who specializes in beauty! In the 1920s, beauticians specialized in hair, since nails and skin were taken care of in the home. The first example of a beautician was a lady by the name of Martha Matilda Harper. Martha was an innovator, inventor, and businesswoman that paved the way in the beauty industry. After creating an organic hair tonic due to her strong belief in healthy hair, she needed somewhere to create and market her product. She opened the first hair salon (factory!) where women could either come to buy hair products or to get their hair done by a beautician. Thanks to people like Martha who care about health and beauty, careers in taking care of others’ hair are available today!

Beauticians Now

Beauty and how we define it has come a long way since Martha’s time! The term we use now to define someone who loves helping others with their beauty is a cosmetologist. But not just anyone can do what cosmetologists do. It requires learning and obtaining a license. Licensed cosmetologists not only specialize in hair but also in skin and nails; however each licensed cosmetologist can choose what services they want to provide.

No longer do you have to take care of your nails and skin by yourself, now you have the choice to get them done in a salon by a licensed cosmetologist. However, if you want to be the one helping others in their hair, skin, and nail care, you can even become one yourself!

woman giving another woman a facial

Where Do They Learn?

Getting a license to practice beauty services can be done through enrolling in a cosmetology school. In cosmetology schools, students can participate in classroom time plus get practical experience and preparation to enter the beauty world.

Want to Explore Cosmetology for Yourself?

There is so much to explore in the history of beauty! We want to help you become a part of the legacy. Contact Broken Arrow Beauty College today. Our basic cosmetology program is the place to be to expand your skill set and create a beautiful future.

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May 28 2019