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What is an Esthetician’s Job Description?

Esthetics is the study of the science behind skin care basics such as facials, hair removal, and makeup application. A person who specializes in this field can have a very rewarding career as an esthetician. What exactly does that entail? Well, here we will go into more detail about where estheticians work and what they do. We will even discuss what a day in their life looks like. Get ready to have your heart and mind open to a new career option!

Where Do Estheticians Work?

a grid picture of makeup brushes and a cruise ship and a woman getting her hair professionally washed

The short answer is that there are practically limitless opportunities for where an esthetician can work as there are a variety of places to choose from. If this is the field you’re going into, it all depends on your personal interests.

What are Your Interests? Do You…

Like to travel? Then you might enjoy working on a cruise ship.

Love the taste of luxury? Consider employment opportunities at resorts and high-end salons.

Have an interest in celebrity life? You could potentially work on a TV or movie set one day as a makeup artist.

Enjoy calm atmospheres and casual conversation? A spa or salon might be a good fit for you.

Now this one is less of a place and more of a career direction, but do you…

Think like an entrepreneur? Freelancing or building your own business might be a great path for you.

Believe it or not, there are even many more career options! As a licensed esthetician you can get really creative with your career goals. Where would you like to work? Who do you want to work for? Getting an esthetics license can open so many doors for you!

What Does an Esthetician Do? What Services Can They Provide?

makeup artist applying makeup to a client's eyes

An esthetician is trained to provide a variety of skin care and makeup application services. At Broken Arrow Beauty College and Cosmetology Education Center, we train estheticians in everything from sciences and sanitation to facials and hair removal. They can then take what they’ve learned and use it to build a menu of services to offer clientele after licensure. A typical menu might look something like this:

  • Facials
  • Waxing (Face, Arms, Legs, etc.)
  • Eyebrow Shaping
  • Makeup Application
  • Light Therapy

What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

For most estheticians the day starts off with setup for the first appointment of the day. This usually means gathering the tools or products you’ll need for the service and getting the atmosphere ready. Estheticians often work in a place that promotes relaxation, and surroundings are highly important in making clients feel refreshed!

After setup is complete it is time to welcome your first client. Once you greet them, you’ll help them get comfortable and educate them a little more about the service they are about to receive. This step is critical for someone who is getting the service done for the first time, especially when it comes to something like waxing!

After the service, most estheticians will collect payment and hopefully set up a follow up appointment, then begin cleaning up to prepare for the next client. Sanitation is highly important for estheticians as bacteria can be easily transferred from customer to customer.

One of the greatest parts about being an esthetician is being able to see how many people you influence in one day. You get the privilege of working on the way someone looks which can mean a lot for their self-confidence. It’s so exciting to see a client’s face light up in excitement when they feel like they’ve seen an improvement in their skin!

Do You Picture Yourself as an Esthetician?

We can help make your dreams a reality! Contact us at Broken Arrow Beauty College. Our staff can answer any questions that you may have about starting in our esthetics program!

Ever wonder what the difference is between cosmetology and esthetics? Click here to find out!

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Feb 01 2018