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Pivot Point is an educational curriculum that provides the foundation of what our students have the opportunity to learn. It’s a modern, regularly-updated, easy-to-use curriculum that is designed to help beauty students excel. We are incredibly proud to be partners with Pivot Point for more than 30 years!


“The Learning System that Thinks Like a Student”

A Pivot Point member school provides a unique set of benefits to graduates. The Pivot Point International curriculum is designed to provide necessary experience for high-end salon and spa settings. Not every school has access to the Pivot Point experience, as there are only so many Pivot Point partners per geographic region.

Broken Arrow Beauty College was the first school in Oklahoma to become a partner of the widely-used program in 1985. For more than 30 years we have worked to provide our students with the most beneficial resources to their success.

Pivot Point International emerged in 1962 and has remained one of the most trusted beauty education curriculum for beauty schools ever since.


The curriculum is comprised of six learning modules that fuse the technical and theoretical fundamentals with the needed business and management education to supplement it.


  • Cosmetology Fundamentals
  • Sculpture
  • Hair Design
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Salon Success and Meta

What sets Pivot Point apart is that the focus of these learning units is adaptability to client’s needs and desires. There is a heavy focus on the customer service and customer experience relationship.

  • Artistic concepts teach art principles that elevate and maximize students skills and bring them to a higher level.
  • Graduated skill levels allow students to become comfortable with basics before moving on to the next level.
  • Salon Success module provides important communication tools for greater career success.
  • Education is continually built on the mastering of previously learned techniques.
  • Technically advanced curriculum using Learn About Beauty training tools with downloadable Electronic E-Books.
  • Five four-color coursebooks demonstrate step-by-step methods.
  • Consistent teaching methods by school educators are based on a universal language of hair designing.
  • Curriculum underscorings the hows and why of theory and practice.
  • Meta program offers students an exchange of fashion ideas and techniques from around the world.

Learn about the programs offered by Broken Arrow Beauty College. We offer flexible scheduling options, advanced educational opportunities, and the peace-of-mind of knowing that your education is designed for your growth and success.

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