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Why Learning Textured Hair Can Further You in Your Career

When you attend beauty school, you may be surprised to learn that not every school offers courses in textured hair. With so few schools offering textured hair training, we decided to answer the call eight years ago. At Broken Arrow Beauty College, we understand there is a growing demand for textured hair techniques. We want our students to feel confident and prepared to style all kinds of hair in their careers, so textured hair training is a vital part of our curriculum.

four women walking down the street and laughing together

What Can I Learn About Textured Hair?

The first step to textured hair is understanding its composition. Did you know that some textured hair, like 4C hair, actually has fewer cuticles than straight hair, and therefore needs to be treated with a lot of care? In the first 6-8 weeks of our basic cosmetology curriculum, students are taught:

  • Various hair textures and their composition
  • How to wash textured hair
  • How to style textured hair

Specifically for textured hair, students can learn how to properly detangle, wash, and style hair. Detangling is a delicate process, and requires a lot of care. Styling can include flat ironing, which involves a number of different products that can help protect the hair and aid in straightening.

When students move into chemical processes, they can learn about permanent straightening techniques like relaxers and keratin treatments. Straightening natural hair may be a step depending on the client’s needs and concerns. If a client wants to keep their hair natural, our students learn gentle techniques that can help them manage and maintain their curls, while still retaining their natural hair texture.

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Are Textured Hair Courses in Demand?

Yes! As we’ve seen in recent years, natural beauty has been more popular than ever. More and more clients are embracing their curls and seeking out more gentle routes of caring for them. As one of the few schools in the area that teaches about textured hair, we’ve seen a rise in students coming to us specifically to learn more. We’ve had a number of students who enrolled because they say, “I couldn’t wait to get to school to learn more about what I can do with my own hair.” When our students feel excited in styling their own hair, they can use that confidence with their clients as well.

At Broken Arrow Beauty College, we believe that beauty should be accessible. We know how frustrating it can be to get your hair done, and have your stylist say, “I don’t know what to do.” This is why we strive to teach our students the basics for textured hair, so they can feel prepared to help clients with all types of hair feel beautiful.

How Can I Benefit from Learning Textured Hair?

textured hair instructor Ms. Coco

“You get to work with a broader scale of clientele, instead of with just one type of hair. You can do it all, why put a limit on yourself? Once you get out there you have the choice to do it.”

-Ms. Coco


Our textured hair instructor, Ms. Coco, nailed it! The biggest benefit of learning textured hair is the ability to have a wider variety of clients. If learning only one type of hair is limiting you, why not learn more? Knowledge of all hair types can also make you a competitive candidate for future salon careers.

Aside from building your clientele, you can also keep them happy! The beauty industry is already a rewarding career when you get to help people feel beautiful, but the best part about learning textured hair is that you won’t have to turn clients away. Your ability to help clients of all hair textures can make a positive difference in someone’s day, and in yours too! Beauty is meant to be shared, and we’re happy to help you share it!

Get Started at Broken Arrow Beauty College

If you’re ready to take the next step, let’s chat! We are passionate about the beauty industry, and there is nothing more rewarding than educating future beauty professionals. Contact us to talk about what your passions are, when our classes start, and financial aid*. We can’t wait to get to know you!

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Nov 03 2020