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Your Next Step: Cosmetology School Instead of Traditional College

Education is valuable, it can open the doors to higher paying, more satisfying careers. However, education doesn’t necessarily mean “college”.

Are you creative? Do you excel in settings where you have the freedom to learn at your own pace?

If you have found yourself weighing the pros and cons of a traditional college experience then you should definitely consider going to cosmetology school instead! Here’s why:

Return On Investment

You don’t have to be an economic genius to know that a college education comes with a hefty (and for many, an insurmountable) price tag attached. However, following the 2008 recession post-graduate employment rates dropped significantly.

In the eight years since the recession those numbers have made a comeback, but a recent study released by the website After College shows that as few as 14% of graduates are working in their field of study. Putting yourself into debt for the possibility of a career that you may, or may not get doesn’t make a lot of sense.

While nothing is genuinely “recession-proof”, the service industry experienced a much lower impact during the economic crisis. Going to cosmetology school means having the opportunity to work as soon as you graduate.

 Learn the Way that Works for You

Did you really spend 12 years in a classroom waiting to move forward, only to spend another four doing exactly the same thing? We didn’t think so!

Of course, not every college or university is the same but for the most part the learning and teaching methods are standard.

If you’re a dynamic learner, meaning that you learn in a variety of ways, then cosmetology is a great fit for you!
There is class time with lectures and instruction, but there is also hands-on learning opportunity every step of the way. Whether it is in class or on the clinic floor working with real clients.

Get Needed Experience While You Learn

The traditional college model provides a few years of theory and lecture, an internship or two, and then you’re off into the world without a fraction of the work experience required to land your dream job.

That’s not to say that you’ll have that experience at any college you choose to attend, but attending cosmetology school means that you’ll be working in a professional setting.

At Broken Arrow Beauty College, the first 8 weeks of class are spent learning theory and preparing for time on the salon floor. That is why cosmetology is so exciting, you have the chance to earn your keep as a professional in the safety of the school, with supervision and guidance from your instructors. You certainly won’t find that at a traditional college.

At Broken Arrow Beauty College, you get more than technical training, you get the tools that you need to succeed in life.

Not only do our students receive a thorough cosmetology education, but they also learn the basics of business and how to succeed as an entrepreneur in the field.

We have been a proud member of the Pivot Point International family of schools since 1985, in fact we were the first school in eastern Oklahoma to partner with Pivot Point.

Want a chance to see what Broken Arrow can do for your non-traditional career goals? Call us, and schedule a tour or speak with an admissions representative about what a successful career in the beauty industry looks like for you!

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Sep 01 2016